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The minimum fee for a notarial act is £80 plus VAT. This would cover a simple matters such as witnessing a signature or certifying a passport copy which can be completed at your appointment.

For more complex matters the fee is £220 plus VAT per hour.  For most matters it should be possible to provide fixed fee quote before work is started.

All travel time is charged at £220 plus VAT per hour.

There may be additional charges. Certain countries require additional legalisation by their own embassy or consulate which will incur additional fees which will be advised to you if necessary.  If legalisation is required there is a Foreign and Commonwealth Office charge of £30 per document or £75 if the premium service is used. This charge does not include courier and postage fees or fees of a consular agent which will be in addition to the notarial fees and will be advised at the time of instruction. 


Legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will usually take between 5 and 7 working days to process. Using the premium service can reduce this to 3 - 4 working days including postage times.

When administering an oath or statutory declaration I charge a notarial fee for identification and record keeping in addition to the fee prescribed by The Commissioner for Oaths (fees) Order 1993 and the Commissioner for Oaths (Authorised Persons) (fees) Order 1993 for oaths, statutory declarations and affidavits. You may find that a solicitor or other authorised person will charge the lower prescribed fee for this service.

Interest on late payment is charged at 12% per annum.


I carry professional indemnity insurance of £1 million except for personal injury or death for which I have unlimited liability.  

Additional terms of business and a formal complaints procedure can be found in my Terms of Business.

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